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Cannabis products

Motagon sources effective cannabis-based pharmaceutical products from around the globe, including Australia/New Zealand, Germany, Spain/Portugal, Canada and other countries. Our contract manufacturing and in-house EU-GMP processing capabilities enable custom product offering for our markets and B2B clients.

Motagon’s screening of sources is backed by Salient IQ®, an advanced AI-based technology that analyses millions of inputs from across the web with meta data such as cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Motagon portfolio covers the optimal product ranges for the most prevalent indications.

Motagon Cannabis products

Motagon Cannabis


Our unique medical cannabis flower portfolio consists of carefully curated products from the top-notch manufacturers, both local and worldwide.

All of the medical cannabis flowers are strictly controlled, produced under EU-GMP requirements and screened to best fit the market-specific requirements, as well as to have the best effect against specific medical conditions and indications.

Motagon cannabis flowers are available as branded finished products in different packaging sizes, ranging from 5g to 100g, as well as bulk packages for pharmacies.

Motagon Medical Cannabis

Motagon Cannabis


Motagon‘s medical cannabis extract portfolio consists of cutting-edge, full spectrum extracts produced from only the highest quality source materials and manufactured under strict EU-GMP requirements.

Our medical cannabis extract range includes THC-dominant, Balanced and CBD-dominant products in different concentrations, adjusted to best suit different patient profiles, from the ones just starting their therapy to patients with more demanding conditions.

Motagon cannabis extracts are available as branded finished products in different bottle sizes, including the most prevalent 10mL and 30mL bottles, as well as bulk extracts for B2B partners.

Motagon Medical Cannabis



Motagon is committed to bring only the most advanced, cutting-edge medical cannabis products and innovations to our markets and clients.

We have teamed up with the leading quality-dedicated local and global manufacturers to work on innovations in medical cannabis delivery and product forms.

In our pipeline there are currently

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