Motagon partners up with Medisonal to revamp the medical cannabis education system in the Czech Republic

Nov 2, 2022

November 2nd, 2022, Prague – Motagon, a pharmaceutical company based in Prague and specialising in medical cannabis, has entered into a strategic partnership with a leading UK medical cannabis education and support platform, Medisonal M3, bringing the validated concept to Czech healthcare professionals. The collaboration with Motagon and Medisonal will facilitate and streamline a comprehensive approach for Czech patients.

Medisonal’s flagship platform, the Medisonal Institute of Education (MIE), is adapted to accommodate the specific nuances and guidelines of the Czech medical cannabis ecosystem. The introductory courses will be delivered in November.

“We have identified a lack of an integrated approach to medical cannabis education for Czech physicians who are interested in prescribing cannabis-based medicines,” says Jaromír Frič Jr., chairman of Motagon, “More importantly, a scalable option for standardised guidance and support for such healthcare professionals does not exist today. This creates a highly dispersed ecosystem with just small pockets of expertise scattered across the country. With the strong infrastructure Motagon is bringing through its partnership with Medisonal, we aim to change that.”

Motagon’s EU-GMP certification from the State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL), enables it to process and release medical cannabis active substances throughout the EU. The partnership with Medisonal takes it a step further by fortifying an often-neglected pillar for many companies operating in the sector: education and support for the prescribing healthcare professionals. Incorporating these aspects into its strategy strengthens Motagon’s capabilities as a full-service medical provider and positions it as a key player in the Czech cannabis market, the surrounding CEE region and the neighbouring countries.

The CEO of Medisonal, Hana Salussolia, believes this is an important step to make medical cannabis more accessible to Czech patients: “From our experience as the pioneer in the UK market, we have learned that prescribing medical cannabis for the first time can be unnerving, even for the most seasoned medical professionals. Medical cannabis as an active substance is not taught in medical schools, certainly not at the level of traditional pharmaceuticals. This often results in physicians refraining from prescribing medical cannabis, ultimately depriving patients of access to alternative treatments for a variety of medical conditions.”

Medisonal caters its courses to existing and future prescribers of cannabis-based medicines, designed to instil confidence in prescribing these types of medicines. The educational programme delivered through MIE was created through the joint efforts of a large multidisciplinary team of seasoned experts, underpinned by knowledge gained through scientific research and clinical trials. The courses accessible through MIE encompass the major specialties, such as pain management, neurology, psychiatry and oncology, to cover large cohorts of the population. Courses in less represented specialties are continuously added to the platform.

About Motagon Cannabis

Motagon is a key player in the Central and Eastern European cannabis sector, with the aspiration to expand their presence throughout Europe. Founded as a joint venture by the established pharmaceutical company HEATON Healthcare Group, the Canadian strategy and M&A advisory firm KOMAND Consulting and the German consulting firm Jelinda, Motagon brings cutting edge products and expertise to European markets.

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About Medisonal

Medisonal Ltd is an organisation focused on providing doctors, registered on the GMC Specialist Register, with an independent and streamlined route to prescribe cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPMs) through our virtual platform, M3, and our imminent Medisonal virtual clinic. Our model empowers doctors to make informed prescribing decisions, with expert advice available from our experienced CBPM prescribers, whilst retaining their clinical independence. Medisonal remains supplier agnostic with the main focus on helping patients access high quality CBPMs at the fairest price.

Medisonal have active plans to expand their Global footprint, having recently launched their principal European office, Medisonal Central Europe, in the Czech Republic, and preparing to go live in other regions soon.

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